Jimmy Webb Died

Iggy Pop and Jimmy Webb

It’s soon to be 2:00 a.m. here in London, and I just read that Jimmy Webb died in NY 😦 It’s funny to remember people you didn’t really know, but “knew” because of some key time in your life. I used to love going to Trash with my friends in the 90s before going to Batcave or God knew-what-party where the threads had to be tight, expensive, tight, expensive, and cool. Jimmy always had an interesting suggestion; his style ideas often felt like a dare after two or three shots, presented with that same headiness, that same giddiness of playing around in a closet with new personalities and new looks.

He helped me get into a pair of Lip Service pants once, but I was too shy to buy them! He did get me to fall in love with a mesh shirt that I loved and loved, until it fell apart about 10 years later. We also talked about hair dye a couple of times. He was never wrong about my now-infamous double blue.

We all have our little memories of the old characters of St. Mark’s Place. I met him maybe a dozen times but he was always so upbeat — a sign of a good night to come. He was kind, engaging, and taught me a lot about the goodness of being oneself during those impressionable days in my youth.

Thanks, Jimmy. I hope it’s wild and loud and fun, wherever you are.