Run In the Dark With Me at Store X – Other Spaces by UVA

exhibit review

I first heard of United Visual Artists (UVA) in 2014 when I went to see their beautiful Momentum exhibit at the Barbican.

Momentum at the Barbican

Now, UVA is back with another feast for the ears, eyes, and the part of your brain that controls phantom feeling. Other Spaces combines unique audio visual elements that take you on a journey deep into your body and also out into the world.

Immersiveness is everything in today’s art and entertainment trends. I came armed with a willingness to step outside myself for a while and see what happens when dark and light dare me to dance. I also came armed with a little Samsung S8, which has a nice camera but not nice enough to demonstrate for you what the lightplays actually look like. So, I lovingly borrowed these from Londonist:

There are many standout moments to this show, but my favorite was the sound graphs of animals in their native habitats all over the world. Some were terrifying, like getting to hear a jaguar, which triggered a very primal urge to hide. Others were moving, like the aural comparison between the presence of birds near a lake 5 and 10 years apart, demonstrating the change in the landscape and the birds’ population.

Not bad for the ol’ S8…

After a half hour of these stylish soundbaths in the dark, kept company by whales, birds, monkeys, or synth’y sighs, I came back out into the streets of London a relaxed yet pensive woman. What will the experience do for you?

Other Spaces is a free art exhibit at Store X – 180 Strand running until 8 December.

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